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Northern Nevada Children’s Dental and Orthodontics is proud to celebrateits one-year anniversary of providing top-quality dental care to the Northern Nevada community. With acommitment to ensuring that children’s dentistry and orthodontics are accessible to all families, thepractice has made it its mission to provide the best dental care, regardless of income level. Since its grand opening in March 2022, Northern... read more »

What Causes Gum Pain in Children?

Gum pain in children is fairly common as there are lots of things in childhood that affect these soft, sensitive tissues—like emerging teeth, childhood accidents, and even certain foods. However, tooth and gum pain alike that is recurring or increasing in intensity is something you should take notice of. If the symptoms refuse to go away with home treatment, you... read more »

Important Vitamins and Minerals for Children’s Teeth and Gums

We‘ve all heard that a nutritious diet is good for a growing child’s body, but that includes their teeth as well! Eating a healthy and varied diet helps children absorb the essential nutrients and vitamins for strong teeth and gives them a lifelong foundation for good oral health. Let’s look at what vitamins are good for teeth and how your... read more »

Are Thumb-Sucking and Pacifier Habits Harmful for a Child’s Teeth?

Using pacifiers and thumb sucking is a staple of childhood and common behavior for children who need to soothe themselves or are looking for comfort and security. These behaviors are a completely normal part of a kid’s dental journey, and most children tend to grow out of them after a certain age, but thumb-sucking or pacifier use for too long... read more »

Tips to Prepare Kids for Their First Visit to the Dentist

For many of us, trips to the dentist's office have been part of our lives since childhood. However, helping children prepare for that first dental visit requires skill and understanding. It’s crucial that children feel safe and comfortable during their time at the dentist, as children who do not receive dental care early in their lives can suffer from problems... read more »

Teething Baby: Ways to Help Your Child Achieve Better Sleep

Your baby’s first year is full of exciting milestones, but sometimes those achievements can come with a special set of challenges—especially when it comes to teething. The eruption of your baby’s first teeth means they are healthy and their development is progressing right on schedule, but this children’s dental health milestone can mean pain, irritation, fussiness, and even the occasional... read more »

What Causes Bad Breath in Children?

Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time, even children. But if catching eye-watering whiffs of foul breath from your kids is the norm, it might be a sign that something else is going on with your children’s dental health. There are plenty of causes for bad breath, from oral hygiene to nutrition, but chronic bad breath is actually a... read more »

Baby’s Teeth Chart: What Order Do Baby Teeth Appear?

It’s one of the first milestones that all new parents are on the lookout for baby’s first tooth! Although usually accompanied by plenty of fussing and maybe a little discomfort, this important step means that the future is full of bright, toothy smiles. Once your baby’s first teeth start to erupt, however, dental care has to begin as well. Baby... read more »

What Parents Should Know About Baby Teeth?

To new parents, every one of your child’s “firsts” are exciting. Their first steps, first words, first time rolling over—all these things are signs that your child is developing on-track and growing into a healthy individual. The same is true of your child’s first baby teeth, but with the “eruption” of their new smile comes some responsibilities and knowledge that... read more »

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