Special Offer for Kids: Full Examination, Cleaning, X-Rays and Fluoride Treatment — Only $89

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At Northern Nevada Children’s Dental & Orthodontics, we are here to serve children and their families in northern Nevada. If your child has gone without a dental examination, our team is ready and willing to welcome them to our clinic and introduce them to healthy oral habits — including exams! — they will hopefully keep for life.

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During your child’s dental exams, Dr. Brandi Dupont will examine the teeth, gumline and soft tissues in their mouth for signs of decay, infection or potentially problematic misalignment of teeth. Our qualified dentist and team recognize the dentist’s chair is not always comfortable for children and are trained to provide comfort and reassurance for an easy, painless appointment.

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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays, or radiography, are used to see the entirety of your child’s mouth and inner structures of the teeth and gums to better identify areas of concern. Children’s X-rays are safe and should be performed at least once per year to identify areas in need of treatment and keep a record of your child’s oral health over time.

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Home brushing and flossing is crucial for children’s dental health, but seeing a dentist for specialized cleanings prevents decay in the areas that are hardest to reach with a brush. Our trained dental technicians use specialized equipment to gently clean all surfaces of your child’s teeth.

Why Patients Choose Northern Nevada Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics

The absolute BEST children's dentist office, ever. They've been incredibly patient with my son who has sensory processing disorder and my daughter who has high anxiety about dentists. The entire staff is wonderful and kind. I highly recommend this office and this doctor.

Jillian D.

We would highly recommend Dr DuPont! We’ve been going to her for at least 12 years and she is just the best. Kind, compassionate and a very good dentist. Her new office is beautiful and her new office staff are all very nice.

Peggy Y.

I just love them! They were able to fit my daughter in last minute, even stayed open to get her issues taken care of. Also gave an after hours call to check on my daughter. They are great with my kids!

Chanarae J.

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If you or your child needs dental or orthodontic treatment, we are waiting to meet you! Northern Nevada Children’s Dental & Orthodontics is currently accepting new patients regardless of income level. Call us today at 775-446-7623 to make an appointment or schedule an appointment online and meet your new children’s dentist!