Special Offer for Kids: Full Examination, Cleaning, X-Rays and Fluoride Treatment — Only $89

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Let our team of professional children’s dental care experts help your child keep their natural teeth healthy for years to come with preventive treatments. With any of these simple, painless options, you could save money and your child from the discomfort of prolonged dental treatment in the future.

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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that hardens the enamel layer on the outside of the teeth, which can be weakened by harmful acids and bacteria over time. Our fluoride treatment comes in the form of a flavored paste that sits on your child’s teeth for a few minutes at a time, building up enamel and slowing decay.

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Dental Sealants

Sealants are a good option for young children who may still be getting the hang of their daily oral health care routine. Sealants are made from a thin layer of plastic-like resin that sits over the top of your child’s teeth and is then hardened by a special UV light. Sealants keep bacteria, acid and plaque from directly contacting your child’s teeth.

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SDF stands for silver diamine fluoride, and it is ideal for young children or others who are uncomfortable sitting for prolonged dental treatment. SDF comes in the form of a powerful antimicrobial rinse that fights the microorganisms that cause tooth and gum decay.

Why Patients Choose Northern Nevada Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics

The absolute BEST children's dentist office, ever. They've been incredibly patient with my son who has sensory processing disorder and my daughter who has high anxiety about dentists. The entire staff is wonderful and kind. I highly recommend this office and this doctor.

Jillian D.

We would highly recommend Dr DuPont! We’ve been going to her for at least 12 years and she is just the best. Kind, compassionate and a very good dentist. Her new office is beautiful and her new office staff are all very nice.

Peggy Y.

I just love them! They were able to fit my daughter in last minute, even stayed open to get her issues taken care of. Also gave an after hours call to check on my daughter. They are great with my kids!

Chanarae J.

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